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Welcome to IITS !

IITS ( Indian Institute of Tribal Studies ) was founded as an integral part of the educational set-up providing an opportunity to millions of people around the globe to enhance their knowledge about the unique, colorful tribals of India. Students of all ages and backgrounds con join here and choose from a variety of online courses on numerous tribes  and also earn their certification which is internationally recognized. Sociologist, Anthropologist and research scholars across continents can equip themselves with the knowledge about Indian tribes while others strive to earn their relevant associate degree studying a four-year college or university.

Advantage of Indian Institute of Tribal Studies

Posses a reputation for the highest quality teaching

Innovative approach to cater the need of Research Studies.

Our wide-ranging and cross-sector expertise team .


If you are geared up to take a course but not sure what you want to study, browse our course categories or subjects to see where your interests lie. With IITS you can study whenever you want, wherever you want.

We offer courses at both certificate, diploma and PG diploma level, and with over 240 courses on IITS, we are sure you will find what you need at a level that is right for you. Also our research studies can give in-depth knowledge to the study of Adivasis in India.

Once you have found a course you want to study, all you have to do is sign in or register youself for a demo session. You can also take free course by clicking on the start course button. All those courses are free and self-paced which are designed for anyone who need to enrich themselves about the adivasis.

You can take or re-take an assessment on IITS anytime you want, but we require scores of 80% or over to pass. Once you have passed all the assessments on your course, you are officially a certified IITS graduate!

Once you have completed your course, you are entitled to get certified as proof of your accomplishment. Also taking an advanced course you can make you eligible for diploma or post graduate diploma courses certification.

Use your new skills and knowledge to improve how you work, get that new job, promotion, placement in government services or join any Non-Govermental Oganizations who are working closely with the tribes.

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